The bellcate School completes curriculum planning using an ecological approach that is relational based, skills based, and physiologically oriented in focus.  This approach carefully examines the relationship between people and their environment.  A supportive team considers the environments, activities, and skills that are most relevant and important for a given student.  Curricula are then developed from these unique needs, goals, and priorities.  The student’s curricula are in continuous evolution as the student’s needs, goals, and opportunities change.  Over the course of a student’s study at the bellcate School, the individual’s curricula follow a path of progressive refinement and complexity as skill sets develop and grow.

The school’s programs focus on teaching age–appropriate skills that are relevant to each individual student’s life.  It is this flexible and highly precise approach that allows the professionals at the bellcate School to meet the extraordinary and varied needs of its student population.  Our ecological approach encourages adaptations across settings to simplify tasks.  We base our programming on the distinctive skills and experience of our teaching staff. Drawing on the talents and expertise of our professional staff, the bellcate School creates opportunities for meeting the minimum course of study in high interest classes for students.


Methods of Instruction

Using an ecological approach, the professionals at The bellcate School compile all of the available information about a student to create an appropriate learning environment and apply suitable methods of instruction.  Through an interdisciplinary and student-centered approach, we tailor programming to meet the needs of the individual.  Given the varied needs of the bellcate School population, we use a plethora of educational tools and approaches including, but not limited to:

  •   Individual instruction
  •   Small group instruction
  •   Cooperative learning
  •   Peer tutoring
  •   Hands-on learning
  •   Community based instruction
  •   Adapted curricula
  •   Self-guided instruction and evaluation
  •   Guided practice
  •   Modeling
  •   Individualized accommodations



Special Services

The bellcate School offers adaptations and accommodations for all courses of study based on individual needs.  One-to-one and small group services allow the bellcate program guides to assist students in learning in any subject area they seek to achieve.  One of the highlights of programming at The bellcate School is our success in matching the mode of service with the needs of the student.  We offer instruction for students in basic communication methods, literacy training, and assistance for students with learning disabilities.

The bellcate School offers services in Sensory Integration techniques and Adaptive Physical Education on site and in community gymnasiums, swimming pools and local parks.

The bellcate School provides extensive training, monitoring, and supervision of all teaching personnel under a licensed Special Educator.

Extended year services are also available through our six-week summer program.

The bellcate School also offers consultation and assistance to teams in success planning, family work, service coordination, and training of new and existing members of a student’s team.  We believe the success of a student begins with a vast collaborative team and supportive community network.

Cultural Competence: Support students and families based on their unique ways of viewing the world in terms of their individual personalities, beliefs, and assumptions about the world, values, experiences, and cultural demographic characteristics.