School Philosophy

At bellcate School we believe that all students are valuable and possess the ability to contribute something meaningful to the world.  We believe that in order to harvest these gifts it is essential to identify and address basic human and unique individual needs (physiological, safety and security, belonging, love, acceptance, esteem, approval, and recognition).  Our mission and core values support the bellcate School philosophy.

School Mission

bellcate exists to support youth with special learning needs towards achieving personal growth and success.  We understand growth to be a challenging process for anyone. We recognize that this process requires time and support and we are committed to supporting adolescents in affecting positive change.  With a team of highly trained, committed, and qualified teachers, bellcate has supported numbers of youth in exploring, understanding and taking positive action.

School Values

  •  Individualized Programs – Identify and address the specific and unique needs of each student in creating, implementing and evaluating programming.
  • Strengths based – Identify and focus on student strengths and interests as an effective foundation for meaningful growth and change.
  • Student Centered – Accept students and communicate empathy, respect, and genuineness.  This acceptance serves as one of the many tools that help students achieve their own natural potential.
  •  Family Focused – Support family systems, values, goals, and needs as the foundation for collaborative and effective services.
  •  Culturally Competent – Support students and families based on their unique ways of viewing the world in terms of their individual personalities, beliefs, and assumptions about the world, values, experiences, and cultural and demographic characteristics.
  •  Community Based – Support students in the communities where they live.  Assist students in building community connections for a sense of belonging, purpose and on-going support.