The Garden Project

A sample cycle in the garden

Sample Lessons Themes and Activities:

Theme of the Week: Growing in Nature’s Garden

Vegetable of the Week: Lettuce

Horticulture Activities: Five-Senses Attunement Exercise. Plant Seeds, transplant seedlings. Identify garden research areas. Insect i.d. Weed i.d. Vegetable observation. Weather

Creative Garden Arts: Map your garden and Identify design concepts. Press lettuce leaves. Begin Vegetable Portfolio.

Nutrition: Nature’s Food Chain: What is the food web in nature’s garden? Start daily nutrition diary. Explore a new recipe.

Intergenerational: Heirloom lettuce varieties, story. Keep Garden journal.

Community & Giving Entrepreneurial: Lettuce Container Gifts.

Local Resource Person: Farmer, Naturalist

About Us

The Garden Project reconnects and integrates students to the natural world and their local agricultural community. The Garden Project teaches valuable gardening and agricultural concepts as well as engages students in developing practical skills in relationship to germinating, cultivating, harvesting and storing local and organic foods.

Over the course of the school year the students strive to plant and maintain a school garden. The Spring quarter will introduce seed starting techniques and help students develop a clear understanding of plant life cycles. Students will participate in garden planning and maintenance. 

About Us

What we have been up to

Our current project is the relocation of the garden to our school’s front lawn where it can be more accessible to students and staff. With generous donations from Vermont Community Garden Network and Gardener’s Supply, we look forward to bringing the project closer to home.

Despite a challenging growing season due to weather last year, the gardeners harvested a variety of greens, beets, carrots, green beans, radishes, cucumbers, summer squash and tomatoes. They also maintained an herb garden and several Vermicompostingbins. In addition to providing students with hands on learning and vocational skills through working in the garden, we educate the students on the benefits of gardening and healthy eating in other ways as well.